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FFRecord for the Plextor ConvertX PX-TV402U

FFRecord is a small program that can record vidoes with the ConvertX in many commonly used video formats like AVI, ASF, MOV and so on. FFRecord also compresses the audio.

FFRecord started with the gorecord code and uses the excellent FFMPEG libraries. The program is released under the GNU GPL version 2 and comes with no warranty.

Live TV time-shifting with FFRecord

When using the ASF format, the video can be played AND seeked while recording. Live TV time-shifting becomes possible without requiring a large program like MythTV. ASF is currently the only general format supported by FFMPEG and mplayer that supports seeking while recording.

The new version of FFRecord supports ring buffers allowing continuous recording with limited disk space.


You will alse need the adequate version of FFMPEG in order to build FFRecord. Everything is explained in the README in the FFRecord package.All details

FFRecord packages:


You can contact me at ffrecord <at> colabti <dot> org.