Drivers for the GO7007

Note: This is page is based on content from the defunct website.

Open Source Software

Here you will find the open-source Linux driver for the GO7007 multi-format encoder, which is used in several widely-available video capture devices, and information on using this driver with Linux video packages.

GO7007 Linux Driver

The buildable Linux kernel module for the GO7007 delivers compressed video via the Video4Linux2 API and uncompressed audio via the ALSA API. The module is available as source code only, and requires a complete copy of your Linux 2.6.x kernel tree to build against.

The driver is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2, the included example code is freely reusable in any application, and the firmware files required to initialize and program the GO7007 are redistributable under certain conditions. Please see the README file in the archive for more details.

Plextor ConvertX devices are fully supported:

These devices are supported but only with fixed resolution:

Because the GO7007 driver does not support raw (uncompressed) video modes, very few applications currently work with this hardware. The demo application, `gorecord`, is distributed with the driver and may be used to test the driver and hardware. The following third-party applications are known to support GO7007-based devices under Linux:

More information about the GO7007 Linux driver can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


The latest Linux GO7007 driver is version 0.9.8, which may be downloaded from this site:


Changes since 0.9.7: