IRC Logger 2 Help



On IRC, the bot is very easy to use. Just enter text and it will log it. :)

You can prepend a line with [off] to hide that line in the public logs.

Email addresses will be automatically hidden when displaying the logs as a protection against spammers.

On the website

The page "Logs of IRC channels" lists all IRC channels with public logs. Click on the name of the channel to see all the logs sorted by date for that channel. With "today log", you can jump directly to the log of today if there is one. Finally search allows you to search in the logs of that IRC channel.

The list of logs sorted by date for a channel provides logs in HTML format or alternatively in the raw or contents only formats. The raw format is the native mirc storage format used by the bot. The contents only format shows only the text entered by people without their nicks or the time.

The times in the when column can be used as urls to select that line. This can be quite usefull to point someone to some old discussion.

Tips and tricks


To read the logs since the last time you left, follow these easy steps:

  1. Do a search in the irc channel with "yournick has quit" or "yournick has left" where yournick is your real nick
  2. The first match is the last time you left the irc channel
  3. Click on the match and begin reading
Note: As far as I know, this trick is unique to IRC Logger 2.

Disable logging

On the IRC channel, lines prefixed by [off] will be hidden in public logs. Don't rely too much on that feature, as other people could be logging the conversation with their irc client and publish your secrets.


The times on this site use the european timezone.

Extra Help

You can talk to us in the #irclogger channel on Don't hesitate to ask your question there even when nobody is online. The channel is logged too, so you can get an answer some time later.