IRCloggy FAQ

Can you log my IRC channel on colabti?

Yes, as long as the channel respects a few conditions :

  1. The bot is welcome to log the channel. The channel ops must agree that the bot will log the channel. The IRC server operators must also allow bots on their network. Libera.Chat and OFTC allow them.
  2. The users must be warned that the channel is logged. Some IRC server operators require it and it's normal too. As the logs are for everybody, everybody must be able to find the logs easily. For those reasons, the channel topic must contain a link to or a direct link to the logs of the channel. For example:
     FooProject: | Logs at
    To improve the chance users see the warning, it's also highly recommended to link to the logs on your project web site.
  3. The IRC channel serves a Free/Libre or Open Source project.
If your active channel respects those 3 requirements, you can contact me to ask to add your channel.

How can I contact you ?

You can contact me (nickname feb) by IRC on the channel #irclogger on Libera Chat.

Can you log my channel which is not for a FLOSS project ?

Contact me to discuss what we can do.

Where can I download the source code ?

The project website is at [](

What about the privacy of the users on the channels ?

To protect the users, there are a few protections in the service :

As IRC channels are public places, other users could misuse what someone said. So regardless of the presence of the bot, one should always be careful of what he says or does online.

Where can I ask other questions ?

You can ask your question on the channel #irclogger on Libera Chat.