IRCloggy History

The beginning

The blog post How it all started explains how and why I started logging IRC channels.

The initial port

The first version of the IRC logger 2 was a python port by François Beerten of the irclogger made by Colas Nahaboo. Colas started with the bot made by Sean B. Palmer. That bot uses the ircAsync module by Dan Connolly.

Due to different design goals, some features appeared and others disappeared during the port. A bit of care was taken to make the bot more useable on the wild and dangerous Internet. So, for example, it's not possible for everybody to disable the logging bot on a channel.

Primary design goals of IRC logger 2:

Standard common features:

New features compared to the original bot :

Features in the original bot which have been removed :

The rewrite

The logging bot has been completely rewritten. It can now connect to multiple channels on different IRC servers.

The web frontend has also been totally rewritten. Since then, no code from the initial port is being used anymore.

Some of the new imrpovements include :